Monday, March 30, 2009

Just a Little Taysta...

Enjoy this apperetif to the delicious entree yet to come :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Lamest Photo Shoot Ever :)

So, here's the story.... this past Saturday I purchased a car I've wanted for a LONG time (as i mentioned in a previous post). I would consider the MINI Cooper S one of my 'dream' cars, and now I own it! :) I feel like i'm 16 again. You know when you want to drive anywhere and everywhere just 'cause.... that's me. To add to the story, Joel, happened to get the same car (different color) this past Monday! He's also always loved the Cooper and recently had a blow out with his Scion xB that caused a lot of damage and he decided it was time to move on. The result was an incredibly lame photo shoot last night that had me questioning my 'coolness' :) Anywho, the photos you are about to see are lame and considerably 'gay'. Please use discretion when viewing.

Random Sunset

During a light test last night for wedding 10.11. is shooting next week, there was beautiful sunset and I couldn't help myself. So I snapped a few shots and liked em, I hope you do too! :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Hoehne Experiment... Part II

Many, many moons ago I made a post, 'The Hoehne Experiment'. It was my first shot at mimicing the great Trever Hoehne. Trever Hoehne is a fantastic photographer who has made taking out of focus pictures his own. Using hoehne as inspiration I have attempted applying these fundlemental ideas and reproducing them with my own style and flare. This is what i've come up with. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Cruise

My previous post mentions my new wheels... well, Joel was also on the car hunt this weekend so Bri and I journeyed along to San Clemente in hopes of finding Joel a MINI. Once the car hunt concluded, Bri and I took advantage of being so close to the beach and headed to Salt Creek (Laguna). We hung out, took some pics, visited a "local" coffee shop (starbucks), and had a fun drive back over the Ortega Highway in my new ride. Pretty nice little Sunday :)


Well, I finally did it! I sent my Mustang to the glue farm and purchased one of my favorite cars ever... a MINI Cooper S! I love it! It was much needed to say the least. Now I have amazing features like air conditioning and a working stereo! I'll be posting more pics soon (like of the actual car) :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Reason for the Trip...

As I mentioned in my previous post this past weekend Joel and I cruised out to Santa Cruz to take pictures of Joel's brand spankin' new nephew, Micah. Joel took the studio shots of little Micah, so I don't have any of those but after that we were able to get some brotherly love, with both Micah and Kaleb. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Santa Cruz Roadtrip

For those of you who don't already know, my partner in crime, Joel, and i had a little 24 hour "roadtrip" this weekend. Joel's sister JUST had her second baby boy, and we journeyed up to Santa Cruz to shot little Micah. We left friday about 7pm ish, only to arrive in Santa Cruz around 2:30am... ish. Woke up, had breakfast, shot Micah, shot the whole fam, lunch and then back on the road. But we took MANY "creative liberties"/ photo ops along the way back. So please enjoy the MANY photos I've posted of our travels. (Baby pics to come soon) :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wall O' Shame

Have I got the post for you! At my place of employment we I've created something I like to call, the "Wall O' Shame". This "wall" consists of any materials that are just plain pathetic (i.e. bad printing, terrible graphic design, talking about how good your design is when it is in fact terrible, ugly websites, and of course BAD, with a "b", content). Now, I just can't keep this stuff to myself anymore, so as often as I find little nuggets of comedy, I will undoubtedly share it with all of you.

Today starts with a company in which I won't name (but you can see
here) who Brizzle happened to stumble across yesterday. I am going to copy and paste a few short paragraphs below. I have NOT altered in any way this content; it is straight from their website (link above). What you are about read is real, and may contain content that will "hurt your head" (TH1). Please use precaution. :)

"Our goal is to express your vision exactly as you see it, whether it's online or in print. How do we do this? If it's an online presence, we do it by merging the best proprietary technologies, like Quicktime and Flash, with some of the best open source tecnologies like PHP and MySQL. But these are more than cold technologies in our hands. We literally breathe life into these bit and bytes. Your website not only goes live - it is alive!"

"Some of us have worked for multi billion - yes, billion, with a "b"- dollar corporations before coming to Ferreum Corporation. We have been trained in the traditional arts, multimedia, philosophy, architecture, programming and business. We bring all of these talents to bear when working to make you, your company or artistry come to life."

"'We really do take our clients seriously. As a matter of fact, we take you so seriously that when you sign up with us we won't give you an impersonal 800 number. We actually give you our own real phone numbers! When you have our home or personal cell phone number you always know who to call when you have a question concerning any of your projects we are designing.'"

To read more click here

Monday, March 2, 2009

Spring is here!

Hello, long time no post! Anywho, this past weekend I had the pleasure of shooting Mrs. Amy Pitt and family. Amy, her husband, Kevin, son Nathan, Brizzle, and myself went out to Pond Park in Murrieta, and basically played in the grass for an hour :) Being the white boy I am I left itchy (from the grass), and slightly pink (from the sun) because I haven't seen the massive burning star in months. Not because I'm a hermit, but soley for the reason that the sun has been MIA since November but just this past weekend decided to show up and be all hot and stuff. Anyway, peep some pics.